Election Day!


I happen to be one of those people who gets really excited about the act of voting, grinning like the Cheshire Cat on my way from the car to the firehouse as if it’s Christmas. This year, however, I realized that it probably doesn’t actually have anything to do with freedom and democracy so much as that it’s the one day every two years that actually glorifies the act of checking things off lists. This year was particularly exciting because Marylanders had seven (seven!) questions to vote on. I nearly squealed with glee when I opened the sample ballot. SO! MANY! CHECKMARKS!

So it would follow that I was anxious to have Norah A. Babysaurus join us at the polls because I want us to be one big, happy voting family. She even got her own “I Voted” sticker because no one on the planet can resist a cute little babbling baby in a puffy coat, not even election volunteers. And she’s really the brains behind this whole operation, after all.

Most importantly, this week Vanilla Bean has added consonant-vowel combinations to her vocabulary, and she’s happily joining in with our everyday conversations. Why, just yesterday, my dad and I were having a lively discussion about the elections:

G-Bob: Blah blah Democrats bleh blip! Blahblah blah blabbety bloip!

Me: Blippety blee ethics blah blah morality bleh bloop. Blip bleep blop blah!

Norah A. Babysaurus: BAH BAH BAH! Behbeh! Beh! Dah! Da! Bah! Bahbah bah bah bah!

Now that I think about it, she’s almost ready to start campaigning for the U.S. Senate. She already knows how to win every room.