Before/After: Kitchen Backsplash

In November, I spent a day cleaning and reorganizing some of the kitchen cabinets. It was a very successful project, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. No.

I’m here to talk about what happened while I was reorganizing the kitchen cabinets — rather the Magnificent Creative Vision I had while reorganizing the kitchen cabinets. The Magnificent Creative Vision that got stuck in my mind’s eye and would not disappear, or be pushed aside, or drowned in hot chocolate, although I tried. And that’s how I knew it had to be done.


I’m talking about the kitchen backsplash, which was painted a coppery metallic hue. A lovely, rich coppery metallic hue that glowed warmly in the morning light — but stood blandly against the kitchen cabinets, which Keith will not ever let me paint or otherwise permanently alter, never, ever, ever. I’d known for quite some time that the copper had to change. It’s always just been a matter of what would be better than a beautiful coppery metallic paint that looks terrible with the kitchen cabinetry chosen by the previous owner.

Then, it hit me so hard that I had to run straight to the Internet to make sure I wasn’t totally insane. When the house speaks, I obey.


Chalkboard paint! It’s perfect. And I’m still excited about it. In case you couldn’t tell.

I love that we can doodle festive holiday decorations, write messages, draw a graphic pattern, or keep it crisp and black, all on a whim. And I have a lot of whims, which makes chalkboard paint the perfect solution. (Plus, the black just looks SO much better, don’t you think?) It’s hard not to add a chalkboard wall to every room.

Sink - Before & After

Have you ever done a project that just seems so perfect, so right when it’s finished that you can’t believe you hadn’t thought of it before?