Hello. My name is Sarah. I’m a designer, a crafter, a writer, a runner, a lefty, and an amateur mama.

My husband, Keith E. Daddysaurus Rex, and I are on a personal journey toward a life of simplicity, freedom, peace, and wellness. I am hopeful that it will include ice cream. Really, REALLY hopeful.

The things you’ll find here in the future will stem from our core values: kindness, curiosity, and creativity. It will most likely involve arts & crafts tutorials, nesting projects, and food. It will definitely involve honesty and a sense of humor. Not so much, “BWAHAHAHA!” humor; more like, “Heh. Funny,” humor. I believe in having reasonable expectations.

So. What’s changed since I started this blog almost three years ago?

  1. I’ve birthed two babies: Norah A. Babysaurus and Eric N. Ninjasaurus Duke Handsome McCutiepie. They are almost exactly eighteen months apart. Oh. My. Goodness.
  2. We started embracing a minimalist philosophy. Keith E. Daddysaurus Rex and I are tired of working hard just to maintain our stuff, and spend all of our personal time cleaning and maintaining the stuff, and replacing the old stuff with new stuff while hoarding the old stuff because we’re creative and can find new stuff to do with old stuff, and feeling weighed down by lives stuffed with stuff and devoid of purpose and meaning. Having two children under the age of two also made it sort of necessary if we are to find a modicum of peace and order any time soon.

So, although life is so! incredibly! busy!, I’ll be here with fun things to do, and brilliant insights, and good food. Which, I hope, will include ice cream.

Contact me by e-mail at lookslikedinosaurs [at] gmail [dot] com.

Have you ever accidentally come across an image of a 4-week-old embryo? It has an elongated head and neck, and a tail, and little flippers, and looks exactly the way you would expect a baby dinosaur to look. Which leads to fun ways to answer questions like “What are you hoping for?” (“A DINOSAUR!”) and “Do you know what you’re having?” (“A DINOSAUR!”) and best of all, “What theme are you doing for the nursery?” (“Space dinosaurs that travel the universe in magic teapots!”).



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