Hello! Come in! Make yourself comfortable.


Hi! You’re probably new here, thanks to Freshly Pressed (gosh!), so I want to say welcome! And thanks, truly, for taking the time to stop by.

I started this blog about nine months ago — sometime around the beginning of my second trimester — realizing that one day I’d wish I could remember all the weird things I thought about being pregnant, especially if I ever started to think I really missed it. Moreover, it was the few moments of open, honest sharing of insights and experiences by the other women in my life — and the strangers online — that provided genuine comfort to me during the most difficult days, before and after Norah A. Babysaurus was born. Which is why I finally decided to start writing it down. On the Internet.

As I chronicle some choice bits of life as an amateur mama, an experienced crafter and a devoted neurotic perfectionist, I can’t promise that I’ll always be optimistic, or brilliant, or charming. But I can promise to always be genuine, polite, and good at spelling. Maybe it’ll bring you some great inspiration. Maybe you’ll just have a small chuckle. Either way, I’d be glad to think that someone, somewhere, someday found it valuable.

So please don’t be a stranger, especially if you think you’ll stick around. Now that you know about me, please tell me about you!


2 thoughts on “Hello! Come in! Make yourself comfortable.

  1. It is so sweet of you :) I went through some of your posts and really enjoy the tone and the crafting ideas, that’s why I decided to stick to your blog as you said.
    Talking about “stick”, I have just started a blog with a friend which name is “The Blog On a Stick” and, despite my initial fears, I can say that I like it very much so far.
    Be sure that your wish for being a source of inspiration is realized!
    Have a nice day!

  2. I’m sure WordPress appreciates being thanked after Freshly Pressing you! I really enjoyed going through your previous posts, and you have a very honest voice. I like it.
    I’m Brianna, a corporate recruiter by daytime and a writer come sundown. I look forward to following your blog!

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