Top Fives (or so) :: Week 32

Things I love:

  1. Harney & Sons Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea
  2. Fruit
  3. Chicken

Things I loathe:

  1. Strong odors

Questions I can’t answer with Google:

  1. How can you tell which body parts are visibly moving across your abdomen, pressing on your pelvic bone, or digging into your ribs?

Things I’ve discovered:

  1. Once you add wild hormones to the fact that I already have a somewhat control-freakish nature coupled with a bit of checklist neuroticism — and let it stew for nine months — it can only mean one thing: I’ve gotten really good at making spreadsheets.
  2. Doing baby laundry is kind of fun. I say this now, because I probably won’t ever say it again.
  3. I am not opposed to teaching manners and other social graces because I believe that if everyone behaved according to a clear set of rules, life would be a lot easier. For example, when shopping from a gift registry, always have any purchased items marked as “purchased.” That way the recipient won’t have the task of dealing with three dozen receiving blankets, two Boppy pillows, three high chairs, and nine bottles of baby shampoo.
  4. Being pregnant is a good way to make people talk to you and ask all sorts of personal questions (such as “Were you trying?”) despite the fact that they’ve never been interested in talking to you before.
  5. Being pregnant is also a good time to exercise your creativity and sharpen your wit. For example, how many ways can you respond to, “It’s not long now, right?!”

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